Through nature and travel I feel connected to the world and to myself.  My intention with my art is for the paintings to connect you to nature's magnificent beauty in your interior environment.  Nature is the doorway to the soul and provides a pathway for us to stay attuned to our own true essence. 

I create each painting with many deep layers of mixed media paints using a variety of iridescent, metallic and jewel-toned pigments so that the art looks different from every angle.  The surface is dynamic and always changing.  It moves with you, connects with your spirit and changes with the light.  The paintings sparkle and feel like jewelry to adorn your wall and enliven your environment.

My paintings have been featured on numerous movies and hit television shows such as Friends, Will & Grace, ER, Two & A Half Men, NCIS Los Angeles, Two Broke Girls, Modern Family, and many more.


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